Welcome to the Lions Club Wuppertal

Hello and welcome to the Lions Club Wuppertal,

our club was founded in 1955 and is thus the oldest of the five Lions Clubs in Wuppertal. We are part of the great family of Lions Clubs International, consisting of more than 1.3 million members in almost 45.000 clubs in 200 countries and territories.

Lions Clubs International is a worldwide federation of free people united in friendship to face the problems challenging our societies and contribute to their solution. Lions Members are committed to tolerance and in particular wish

  • serve their communities,
  • foster links of friendship between peoples und thus promote world peace,
  • support their fellow human beings in economic and mental distress and keep up our cultural heritage.

They do this based on the perception that any state can serve the indiviual only to the extent that the individual is willing to stand up for the whole. Learn more about Lions in Germany and worldwide, their organisation, their goals and activities on the websites of Lions Clubs Germany und Lions Clubs International.

The Lions Club Wuppertal was founded by 21 citizens of Wuppertal on October 4, 1955, as the 38th Lions Club in Germany. Today our club has 53 members from all walks of life. Membership, by the way, is by invitation only. We are businessmen and engineers, medical doctors, pharmacist and bankers, teachers, craftsmen, scientists, lawyers, priest, consultant or President of the Republic. We are entrepeneurs, self-employed professionals, senior managers and public servants or pensioners aged between the mid-thirtees and over ninety years. We are all united by the common motto of all Lions: We serve!

We are proud of our country and of our hometown. We aim to build bridges accross the borders of states, languages, political parties and religious beliefs und we serve our community. With a multitude of activities we support fellow human beings in need of our help, from children in distress or highly gifted young people to the elderly and those on the point of death. You can find some examples on the page “Activities”.

All this requires not only personal commitment but also money. This does not only come from our own donations, but also from many fellow citizens of Wuppertal and guests who patronize the Lions mulled wine stand on the christmas market in Elberfeld every year or enjoy the annual charity concert with the Central Band of the German Federal Armed Forces, which in 2002 has celebrated its 20th anniversary as a joint activity of all Lions Clubs in Wuppertal.