On this page we would like to present a few examples of our clubs’s charitable work:

For some 20 years now we are supporting the work of father Joachim Stobbe (OFM) and the Social Service of Catholic Women with the children in the homeless quarters of Hilgershöhe in Wuppertal-Oberbarmen.. Up to 70 children receive assistance in doing their school homework starting at 3:00 p.m. every day with the help of volunteers. A first-grader to the left, to the right a pupil who cannot solve his math problem, accross the room a girl trying to memorize a poem. They all need help, particularly because in most cases German is not their mother tongue. After the work is done there are some sweets as a small reward. The minibus donated by the Lions will take the children to the public swimming pool or to short stays in holiday camps over New Years Day or Ascension Day. With the support of Lions, every summer 30 children and 10 helpers enjoy three weeks of vacation in the Ahr Valley in Tyrolia.

Year after year for more than three decades we arrange excursions for the residents of the Senior Citizens Homes Schusterplatz and Blankstrasse. Initially to various destinations in our region, also to the harbour of Duisburg. But the most popular trips where always those to the river Rhine. Therefore, twice every year we charter a river boat and each time take more than 100 elderly people and their attendands to the moorings with a fleet of private cars and a big bus. The ship takes the party with coffee and cake up the river and back to the landing place in good spirits. The joy of the old people who attend this event again and again spurs us to continue this activity in the years to come. Click here to view some photographs of our outing.on September 7, 2005.

Have you ever seen a bank manager operating a concrete-mixer? Or a chief surgeon bending wire netting, a university professor tearing down walls, a factory owner removing wreckage with a wheelbarrow? You could have seen all this when we built a big greenhouse to create employment for handicapped juveniles in Ronsdorf or later helped in the conversion of a building to provide living quarters for the same group. The furnishings for the kitchens were also part of our support for this project. A blockhouse fitted with a complete workshop was put up for the Childrens House of the Luise-Winnaker-Foundation in Wuppertal-Kohlfurth. To help not only by writing cheques, but also with the labour of our own hands, is a valued tradition of our club and a lot of fun, too.

We do not only provide for less privileged old and young people, however. Sometines we also support promising talents. For example, we have granted a scholarship to a highly gifted but destitute young lady to further her piano studies at the famous Yehudi Menuhin School in England. Our latest project: In June 2002 we sighed a long term agreement with the Wupper River Authority assuming responsibiliy for the regular cleaning of a section of the banks of the Wupper River between the Monorail Stations Döppersberg and Ohligsmühle. Klick here to view some photographs of our second engagement on May 10, .2003. In local adaption of a famous statement by the late John F. Kennedy we act according to the motto: ASK NOT WHAT YOUR CITY CAN DO FOR YOU - ASK WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR CITY!

There would be much more to tell, but perhaps these few examples may suffice to give you an impression of our social work. If you wish to support us in these endeavours, we welcome your (tax decuctible) donation. We do not incur any staff or administrative expenses. Every Euro is used undiminished to support fellow human beings in need. Please do not forget to state your address in your bank transfer, so that we may send you your receipt.

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